The Little Yoga Shala

Breathe    Focus    Become

She/Her. Also French. And Star Wars fan.

Frédérique reluctantly started her Yoga journey in 2008 when she was dragged to a studio by her then 15 year old daughter. Little did she know it would change her life. After that first (hot) class she felt empowered, strong, humble, sweaty and deeply curious about Yoga and its many forms and in 2012 Frédérique became a teacher of her own.

Frédérique fell in love with Ashtanga in 2009 and has been practicing under the guidance of her teacher David Robson since 2014.

She has learned to unlearn, to buid and rebuild, to trust and inquire, to see and feel, to challenge her own views and never take anything for granted.

Frédérique truly believes that Yoga is the best journey one can start and that anyone can do it, there is always a way.

Frédérique does her best to share what she has learned so far with her students with a dose of humour, quite a thick French accent and a few Star Wars quotes.