The Little Yoga Shala

Breathe    Focus    Become

In our Little Yoga Shala we practice mainly Ashtanga Yoga.

Ashtanga comes from Mysore in India and is a series of set sequences with postures linked together through movement. Each movement of the body fits within the breath in a calm and focused way.

The first series is called Primary Series and consists of Sun Salutations, a standing sequence, a seated sequence, backbends and a closing sequence. To move on to the next series one must have completed Primary.

There are two options to practice:  in a Mysore room and through a led class.

In the Mysore room the students learn their way through the series one posture at a time under the one-on-one personal guidance of their teacher. This means that each student's practice is unique to them even though the series is set.

In a led class the teacher calls the postures and the students follow the cueing. This class is usually led in Sanskrit and a Mysore practice is recommended to practice a full led class as some postures must be learned carefully. Students can always attend and sit through those particular postures.

Please note that we respectfully do not abide to the idea of having a Guru but truly believe in having a teacher.